We Do Not Just Make Claims, We Handle Golf Cart Accident Cases

We are your golf cart accident attorneys in Tampa Bay and throughout the State of Florida. Here is why you can be confident to have us represent you in your accident case. First, we have actually handled these types of cases.

We do not just make the claim that we handle these cases. What do I mean by that? Many attorneys who handle personal injury cases — and especially those who advertise on TV, radio, Facebook, billboards, and on websites — will tell you that they handle every conceivable type of personal injury case.

Some will say they handle asbestos cases, automobile cases, medical malpractice cases, boating cases, airplane crash cases, dog bite cases, etc. Really, it seems like there isn’t anything they don’t handle.

Beware Of Advertisements

What the advertisements do not tell you is that there is not just one set of laws that apply to all injury cases. In other words, there is no “injury law” that is going to apply the same to aviation law, car crashes, boating law, and to golf cart cases.

The lawyers that advertise for every type of injury want the general public to think that there is just one body of law, but that is inaccurate. Also, going to one attorney for every conceivable type of injury case is like going to one doctor for every conceivable ailment or injury.

A Golf Cart Attorney With Experience Can Make All Of The Difference

Would you go to a podiatrist for a heart issue? Would you go to an optometrist for a kidney problem? Different laws apply to golf cart incidents. This is why you need a golf cart accident attorney who has actually handled these specific types of cases in Tampa Bay.

Choosing a Golf Cart Accident Attorney

You may be wondering, “What difference does it even make if I get a lawyer who has only done car crashes or slip and falls for his or her practice?” Let’s begin with insurance. First, depending on how the claim is presented to the at-fault party’s insurance company, that insurance company may not cover the incident.

Is there any doubt in your mind that if you give an insurance company a way out of paying a claim that they won’t take it? As a golf cart accident attorney in Tampa Bay, we know they do whatever they can do not to pay.

What Is Your Golf Cart Insurance Situation?

Second, if you are involved in a golf cart accident in your own vehicle, do you know whether your own insurance covers you if the other person has no insurance at all? Does the prospective lawyer you are thinking of hiring in Tampa Bay even know the answer to whether you get your medical bills paid upfront?

Can they answer whether you get any lost wages paid upfront? You need to be very careful about your selection of a golf cart accident attorney because it matters how your claim is presented even to your own insurance company if you have to go that route.

Hire a Golf Cart Accident Attorney as Soon as Possible

It is also important that you begin the process of hiring a golf cart accident attorney in Tampa Bay quickly. I say that so you will be on notice that evidence typically disappears very quickly after an accident.

Witnesses who may want to help can later want to avoid commenting on what they saw, they may not remember the incident so well after just a small amount of time passes, or they may not be locatable after only a short while. You can be assured that the insurance company for the at-fault party will be contacting all witnesses they can find — and will be taking recorded statements of those witnesses.

Hint: the insurance company will not be working on this case to help you. Instead, you need a golf cart accident attorney in Tampa Bay you can rely on.

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You also want to retain us quickly so that we can get a professional video of the scene of the incident, photographs, and measurements. We look to do this in all of our cases, and that is why it is important to begin preserving the evidence for your case immediately.

This includes any vehicles involved. Evidence goes missing. We are golf cart accident attorneys, and we practice throughout the Tampa Bay area. Contact us now so that we can begin working for you on your case. We are here to help you. Give us a call at 727-399-2222 to get started.