The Difference Between Golf Cart Accidents & Other Personal Injury Cases

We continue to preach the importance of hiring an attorney who understands the differences in the laws between golf carts and dog bites, the difference between golf carts and automobiles when it comes to making a claim in a serious personal injury case.

If the golf cart attorney you are considering cannot tell you immediately the Florida Statutes which relate to golf carts then you may want to consider someone who does know what laws apply.

Depending upon who is quoting the numbers there are approximately 65,000 golf carts in The Villages. That adds up to a lot of trips and unfortunately a lot of chances for injuries to occur. No one wants to see a golf cart crash, or rollover or ejection occurs. The unfortunate truth is that all of these things do happen, even in The Villages.

It Is About Responsibility

“Responsibility” is a word you don’t hear much about anymore. Our parents use to tell us that we are responsible for the actions we take and that we are responsible for our own choices. When a golf cart crash is caused by the actions or choices made by another person who do we ask to take care of the problems that are caused by their actions or choices?

Do we ask the government to take care of the problem caused by a person who causes an injury to us or to a family member? Should we ask the victim of someone’s mistake to take care of the problems created by the person who made the mistake?

Those Who Cause Golf Cart Accidents Should Be Held Responsible

No, we ask the at-fault person who caused the injury to us to take care of the problems they have caused. It doesn’t necessarily mean the person who made a mistake is a bad person—really it is about fairness and who should be responsible.

Each of us who drive a golf cart or drive an automobile are on notice that we need to keep enough insurance on us so that if we make a mistake our insurance will cover that person. Equally, it is important that we keep enough insurance on us so that if the at-fault golf cart operator or automobile operator makes a mistake we know that we have enough insurance to cover us—regardless of whether the other guy has insurance or not.

Check On Your Insurance Coverage

We here at HTTPS:// encourage everyone to check with their insurance company to make sure that you have insurance coverage to cover you for your medical expenses, lost wages, and injuries, on you and on your golf cart. Carry this insurance on yourself because you do not know if the at-fault person has any coverage at all.

If you are involved in an accident with an automobile, please understand that there is a large segment of the population in Florida driving their car, truck, or SUV, etc., with no auto insurance at all.

Do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

Many people we have represented in the past 25 years ask “Do I have to file a lawsuit” against the other guy to get a recovery for my injuries caused by the other guy? Certainly not initially. Making a claim to recover for your medical bills, wages and injuries does not mean you are filing a law suit.

Based upon our experience—and much of it in the courtroom—we work to get your golf cart injury case done without ever having to file suit. As your Golf Cart Attorney For The Villages we will file suit for you if it becomes necessary.

When does it become necessary to file a suit?

First we do not file suit for you unless you tell us to do so. A suit, if the client wants to pursue that, is usually filed when an insurance company refuses to pay a fair amount for the injuries sustained because of that insurance company’s insured customer. In other words, the insurance company is not being fair with you.

You have the option of taking the next step up and file suit—but only if you want to do so after informed consultation with us. If you are happy with the result obtained up to that point, you can choose not to file suit. In either choice a golf cart attorney will stay with you 100% side-by-side, fighting for you, and see your case through to its conclusion.

If I file suit do I have to stand in front of the jury and tell them what happened?

The truth is that many of the lawsuits filed do end up getting settled before a jury ever hears the claimant’s story. It doesn’t mean you cannot get your case heard by a jury if that is your choice; it simply means that for the majority of cases you don’t have to go in front of a jury.

Your Golf Cart Attorney for The Villages

Important choices in your case are made after in-depth informed consultation with us. As your Golf Cart Attorney for The Villages, even when you are not thinking about it we are working on your case and working to obtain the best result for you and your family.

Call us now and we will come right to you. There is never any charge to you, no costs and no attorney’s fees, unless we recover for you. We are ready to help you right now in your golf cart injury case.