As golf cart injury law attorneys in Tampa Bay, we have seen an increase in carts on the streets.

Many cities and communities are approving these vehicles to be able to drive on their streets. This, of course, does mean more interaction with trucks, SUVs, cars, and perhaps even large commercial vehicles.

This is one of the major dangers of using a golf cart; the vehicles are typically not equipped with the safety features of an automobile that give you a fighting chance in a collision or accident. Some carts are now equipped with seat belts, but the statistics show that seat belts are rarely used even when available.

We have yet to see a cart made with airbags or other protections common in vehicles. And of course, they do not come standard equipped with any form of a door at all.

Prevalence of Golf Carts Increases — We Know the Laws That Govern Your Case

It is important to choose an attorney in Tampa who has handled cases specifically related to golfing vehicle injuries and knows the differences involved in golf cart injury law. Yes, there are differences, and your lawyer needs to know these differences to represent you or your loved ones in your case.

If you or your loved ones are in a collision with another golf cart or motor vehicle — private or commercial — in Tampa, you need to know immediately which insurance applies. If the attorney you are considering cannot tell you the differences involving the law and in insurance coverage, you need to reconsider your choice of golf cart injury law attorney to handle your case.

Note: It is always good to keep full coverage on yourself, in case the other driver does not have proper insurance. See our information on this website as to what type of insurance you should have to protect you when the other driver has no insurance.

Choosing an Attorney in Tampa

Choosing the right attorney in Tampa to handle your case can be the difference between making correct decisions for the best outcome in your case. Do not leave this to chance.

Many attorneys say they handle every manner of injury case imaginable, from dog bite cases to medical malpractice, aviation cases, product liability, car crashes, asbestos, etc. Why would attorneys say they handle golfing vehicle accident cases if they really do not know golf cart injury law?

Are you being represented or will you be referred out?

Many attorneys who say they handle a variety of cases take your case and refer it to another Tampa attorney. They do this hoping to collect referral fees from the referred-to attorney who would actually handle your case.

This means you may believe you are signing up with the attorney who is handling your case, but really, they are sending it to another lawyer. You need to ask any prospective attorney if they have actually handled a golf cart injury law case.

Have they ever filed suit? Does their firm ever file suit? Does their firm ever go to trial? (See more about our $1.72 million verdict from April of 2017 here.)

Golf Cart Injury Law — Why You Need an Experienced Legal Professional

This is your case. You need to get this right. Why? Golf cart injury law is similar to other legal areas of in one respect. That is, once you have either resolved your case with the at-fault party, or an outcome has been rendered in court, then you are typically precluded from coming back and trying to continue with your claim or make a new claim.

In other words, in most cases, once your case is done, you cannot come back and ask for a different recovery or outcome. So, you have one chance to get it right. You do not want to trust the outcome of your case with someone without the proper experience.

Choose the Law Office of Frank D. Butler, P.A.

We are golf cart injury law attorneys in Tampa and The Villages. When you need us, we are ready to help you. We need to begin work for you as soon as possible after the incident to preserve evidence for your case. If you wait, that evidence can be gone forever.

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