Golf Cart Accident & Injury Attorney

FRANK D. BUTLER is an attorney in the State of Florida for the past 25 years.  He is licensed in every Court in Florida, including all state and federal courts. Frank is an avid outdoor enthusiast and represents people injured in golf cart accidents.

You should be careful to hire an attorney who knows the issues that are specific to golf carts.

We do things a bit differently.  First of all, we know the unique law of golf carts. Many attorneys advertise for all manner of injuries, including dog bites, car accidents, medical malpractice, aviation law, criminal law, divorce law, etc.  We do not try to practice in every area of law conceivable.

We Begin Our Investigation On Your Case Immediately.

Second, as soon as our clients sign representation papers, that same day we are contacting witnesses, taking photographs of the scene of the incident, obtaining crash reports, seeking out potential videos of the incident, etc.. Third, our cases—your case—is handled by our attorneys, and not by legal assistants or the receptionist.

Golf Cart Accident Injury LawyerYou will not have to wonder if we are working hard on your case. Our philosophy here is “do the right thing for the client and the rest will follow”. This means: if our client prospers, we prosper.  If our client is happy, they will refer their friends, family and neighbors to us to help them as well. It is all about doing the right thing.

Golf cart accident cases we handle for you:

  • Golf Cart Rollovers

  • Golf Cart Ejections

  • Pedestrians struck by golf carts

  • Golf Cart Collisions with automobiles

We know golf cart accident laws. We handle golf cart injury cases. You could be owed compensation. We can help you now.



The difference between a golf cart and a low-speed vehicle is critical to your golf cart injury case. If the attorney you are speaking to cannot tell you IMMEDIATELY: 1. The difference between the two, and 2. why that matters, RUN!  Don’t be fooled. Not only is there a difference between a golf cart and an “LSV”, but the laws applying to them are also greatly different. It is important that you choose an attorney who has handled golf cart injuries cases. 

Don’t let the dog-bite attorney handle your important golf cart injury case. If your case is not approached and done correctly, it can cost YOU. 

One of the first differences between golf carts and LSVs is their speed capacity. But also there are additional equipment and insurance requirements depending on whether the “cart” was a golf cart or an LSV. 

“On The Job Training,” Is A No-No

If the attorney you are talking to has to “go look it up” to give you answers, then they do not handle golf cart cases on a regular basis—and maybe they never have. Maybe they are specialists in divorces or car accidents, but if they cannot answer those first two questions immediately, think about whether they will try to learn on the fly using YOUR injury case. We know your case is more important to you than to leave it to chance. That is why we limit our practice and not try to be a jack-of-all-trades. It is better to focus on a core practice than to pretend excellence in every type of legal case.

At GolfCartAttorney we do golf cart injury cases. We don’t do dog-bites.  Call us now on your Golf Cart injury case. We are ready to help you and answer your questions right now. 

We serve the entire state of Florida, including:

Tampa Bay
The Villages
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All of Florida