How many golf courses are there in the Tampa Bay area?

How many golf courses are there in the Tampa Bay area? And how many law firms have a golf cart injury attorney in the area? At, part of the Tampa Bay Times, there is a very helpful list of courses, and they are listed in four categories of price ranges.

Clearwater Country Club and Rocky Point Country Club on the Tampa side are two of the more affordable options. Chi Chi Rodriguez is one other choice in the medium priced range in the Clearwater area, while Saddlebrook in North Tampa and Fox Hollow in Trinity are listed as two of the more pricey options.

To answer the first question, the number of courses in the general Tampa Bay area is at least 84.

This is a broad geographic area from Clearwater in the West to Brooksville in the North, Apollo Beach Golf and Sea to the East, and St. Petersburg County Club to the South. That is a lot of rounds of play, a lot of scramble tournaments, and a lot of miles logged every day — much less every year.

When Golfing Becomes Dangerous

Most people have played in a scramble tournament — where golfers join up in teams and everyone on the team lines up to take a shot from the previous best shot. Anyone who has done one of these scramble tournaments knows it is mostly for fun and quite a bit less serious than a legitimate tournament.

In addition, anyone who has done one of these scramble tournaments knows the fun can involve significant alcohol consumption, and things can get a bit crazy on the golf cart. Who has not seen in a scramble tournament at least one golfer hanging onto the back of the vehicle while the driver zigzags along?

All of us, right? Sadly, this occasionally leads to the need for a golf cart injury attorney.

Golf Cart Injuries

It is unfortunate that during some of these types of tournaments, serious injuries occur. Elsewhere on our golf cart injury attorney website, we talk about one of the most common injuries being the right-side passenger getting ejected when the driver takes a sharp left turn.

There is no seatbelt on a standard cart, and the small handrail that we see on some vehicles can act as a catapult for the unsuspecting passenger who goes airborne during a left turn. Many of these accidents occur at the end of the round when there has been a full day of play, a full day of drinking, and the driver is headed back to the 19th hole. (i.e., the pavement)

Why You Need a Golf Cart Injury Attorney

When a golf cart injury occurs, you need to have a lawyer who understands the differences in this area of the law. You need to have a golf cart injury attorney who practices in all of the Courts in Tampa Bay. Believe it or not, many of these injuries involve very serious head injuries, broken arms and legs, and even death.

One other aspect to examine when you look back on your accident was whether the hospitality attendant (aka the beer cart) was a frequent visitor to your group. Anyone who has played in a scramble tournament knows that the beverage vehicle attendant is usually making the rounds on a steady basis.

And we do not mean to say that all tournaments, whether scramble tournaments or not, are like this. But we know that many of them are.

Call a Golf Cart Injury Attorney Today

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IMPORTANT NOTE: after the accident, you should move quickly because we will want to check whether there was video of the incident, whether witnesses names were taken, and whether incident reports were completed.

Also, if there was damage, we have to get to the vehicle before it is disposed of or repaired. If you wait to call us, the evidence for your case could be gone.

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