Some of the features now being placed on golf carts are quite impressive.

Recently print advertisements in The Villages demonstrate that newer golf carts are capable of being equipped with custom windshields, better and bigger tires, rear view and side view mirrors, LED turn signals and LED rear light bars, custom seats, and now even “tech” packages with speedometer, navigation, range and ETA projections.

Golf carts are being made safer than they were just a few years ago. The additions of rear brake lights, turns signals and headlights is not only a good safety feature, it is also the law on golf cars—which golf cars are those golf carts that can travel faster than 20 miles per hour.

Golf carts under Florida law are those that cannot exceed 20 miles per hour.

We have said elsewhere on that the ability of your golf cart—or one in which you were riding—to exceed 20 miles per hour could also change the nature of the insurance applicable to that situation if there is a golf cart injury.

We note that one item not routinely mentioned on golf carts or golf cars is seatbelts.

It is true that on the golf course you will be hard-pressed to find people using seatbelts while playing a round of golf. However, do you see people wearing seatbelts when they are running around the Spanish Springs, Brownwood Paddock squares, at Lake Sumter Landings, down the cart paths, or even as they are crossing over the bridge at US 27/US 441?

Ejections from golf carts during turns are one of the primary factors of injuries to golf cart passengers. Though golf carts are well safer than 15-20 years ago, it does not appear many manufacturers place seatbelts on their golf cart models.

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You may have questions about who you can recover from. You may also have questions about whether an owner of a golf cart is responsible to any degree when the owner’s golf cart was being driven by someone else and a crash or injury occurred.


YOU SHOULD PURSUE YOUR CASE IMMEDIATELY—even if you don’t hire us as your attorneys. We would be very honored to represent you.  You need to pursue your case immediately because it is important that our investigation into your claim begins before evidence and witnesses go missing.

Witnesses need to be interviewed. Medical records need to be obtained. We investigate to confirm whether video may have captured the incident, and this can be vital for your golf cart injury case. We know from handling many injury claims in the last 20 years that some businesses only keep video for one or two days before the incident is taped over or erased.

Also, it is important that we inspect the golf cart involved in your golf cart injury case immediately. We photograph, inspect, and video-tape the golf cart—at our expense.

Golf cart injury law is not the same as automobile law. The attorney you hire must know the differences.

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